Your Peace of Mind is worth it...

For Individuals, Couples, and Groups, counselling can be truly life-changing.  My mission in life is to help us all suffer less. Let's go!  

Rob McRae is a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO.

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Addictions, depression, anxiety disorders, ​trauma, men's issues and more... 
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Registered Psychotherapy

"healing and insight, with science and soul"

  Kitchener Waterloo Counselling Services

Modern therapy tailored for your own needs. 

Kitchener Waterloo Counselling - More than just a band-aid on your symptoms:  informed by mindfulness, cognitive re-structuring techniques, cutting edge neuroscience, and rooted in profound care and compassion, your treatment is adapted for YOUR needs.

Wise Path Counselling
Years of experience and extensive training for critical times .

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