Years of experience and extensive training for critical times .

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Your Peace of Mind is worth it...

For Individuals, Couples, and Groups, counselling can be truly life-changing.  My mission in life is to help us all suffer less. Let's go!  

Rob McRae is a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO.

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Addictions, depression, anxiety disorders, ​trauma, men's issues and more... 
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Registered Psychotherapy

"healing and insight, with science and soul"

  Kitchener Waterloo Counselling Services

Modern therapy tailored for your own needs. 

Kitchener Waterloo Counselling - More than just a band-aid on your symptoms:  informed by mindfulness, cognitive re-structuring techniques, cutting edge neuroscience, and rooted in profound care and compassion, your treatment is adapted for YOUR needs.

Wise Path Counselling